February 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2017Las Vegas, NV

Social Sonic LIVE!

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This Is Exactly What To Expect At This Years Social Sonic LIVE!

From the 50,000 ft. view it’s pretty straightforward…

You’ll learn how to generate a ton of leads -- targeted, qualified leads -- using diverse and effective tactics. And then we will show you how to turn those leads into customers... fast!

I would leave it at that if there weren’t so many gold nuggets jam-packed into the 3-days we’ll be spending together at the SLS in Las Vegas. Check this out...

Basically we want to make you an insider on all the marketing techniques and strategies you’ve been wishing you knew more about...

Ready to enjoy the authority status that comes with a best-selling book? Well… I (Daven Michaels) -- resident New York Times Bestseller -- will be sharing my step-by-step book marketing blueprint.

Ever thought about building a High-Yielding Funnel that rakes in piles of cash while you sleep? Of course you have. And we’re going to help you finally get it done.

And I KNOW you need to get your social media game on point… you’ve probably been putting it off (or just too “busy” to figure it out?) for way too long.

That’s why we’ll show you all the lead generating, growth-hacking social media strategies you’ll ever need to know.

Now I know this already sounds like a pretty valuable event… but to be honest… that’s just the beginning...

If you’re a laundry list sort of person, here’s everything you’re going to learn at Social Sonic LIVE:

  • Top Lead Generation Techniques
  • No-Cost Exposure Strategies
  • Social Media Prospecting & Nurturing
  • How To Delegate Your Follow Up Marketing
  • Setting Up for the Conversion
  • Foolproof Market Research
  • How To Find Untapped Audiences
  • How To Pre-Qualify Prospects
  • How To Outsource Your Lead Generation
  • High Converting Sales Funnels
  • Secrets To Buying Traffic
  • Marketing Automation

Add those all up and you can see why Unlimited Leads for Life isn’t just some hyped up slogan. We’re going to change the way you run your business forever.

We’re Peeling Back the Curtain to Show You the Best Hacks for Growing Your Business!

Over the years we’ve done hundreds of events. From Australia to Asia, Europe to the US… We’ve traveled the globe to teach entrepreneurs the secrets for generating more business and getting their time and lives back.

We’ve known that for most entrepreneurs lead generation has been a major sticking point for a long time. And we’ve worked with, analyzed, and built-out successful systems for thousands of businesses across nearly every industry and market.

Meet your fearless leaders...

Daven Michaels

Daven Michaels is a thirty-year veteran entrepreneur who has started and built multiple multi-million dollar businesses, in many industries.

He is a genius marketer, a pioneer of online marketing, an outsourcing expert with hundreds and hundreds of employees, and a New York Times Best Selling Author.

Beejal Parmar

Beejal Parmar is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and consultant who lives a truly global lifestyle.

He is an expert in personality analysis, helping clients rebalance their lives, creating success timelines, imagineering & solution creation.

And because we both live our passion, we teach our passion. And YOU are the lucky recipient of that passion when you attend Social Sonic LIVE!

We won’t be spouting theoreticals or dry, text-book content… we only share field-tested, success-guaranteed strategies that WILL work for you.

Lead generation mastery is the difference between a major player and a minnow… which will YOU be?

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More Trusted Advisors You’ll Have Access to at Social Sonic LIVE....

John Doe


Actor & Star of HBO’s Ballers

Omar is a globally recognized star of stage and screen as well as the creative force behind the production of commercials, podcasts, and independent films. Omar currently stars with Dwayne Johnson on HBO’s Ballers

John Doe


The Ultimate Networker

Casey is a serial entrepreneur who has found immense success across a wide array of industries from amusement parks to Hollywood feature films to real estate.

John Doe


Co-Founder of Hooked on Overages

A guru’s guru in the world of overages and real estate, Ed is also highly educated with a pedigree of success in executive leadership and consultant roles for Fortune 500 companies.

John Doe


Co-founder of Mojo Global

Winner of "Marketer of the Year" Award through the Phoenix Business Journal and author of four highly-acclaimed books on marketing and automation.

John Doe


Co-founder of Mojo Global

Ira has been featured by Forbes Magazine as a lead generation expert, and is considered to be in the top 1% of influencers on LinkedIn.

John Doe


America’s “Out of the Box” Marketer

Bruce is America’s “Out of the Box Marketer,” a licensed financial adviser, a successful real estate investor, a speaker, and an author.

John Doe


Renowned Author & Speaker

As a master of mindset training, Gerald has been featured on the TODAY SHOW, NBC, Huffington Post, TEDx, and stages across the country.

John Doe


CEO of 123Employee & New York Times Best Selling Author

Daven Michaels is a thirty-year veteran entrepreneur who has started and built multiple multi-million dollar businesses, in many industries.

John Doe


VP of 123Employee

Beejal Parmar is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and consultant who lives a truly global lifestyle.

Social Sonic LIVE Agenda

Lead generation mastery is the difference between a major player and a minnow… which will YOU be?

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Is Social Sonic LIVE Right for YOU?

What is Social Sonic anyway?

Social Sonic is our newly released lead generation platform that enables business owners to tap into a 300 million person database, pre-qualify leads, and organically guide them into your sales process -- all on autopilot

After just a few months, the platform is already changing the way thousands of entrepreneurs are doing business.

And we created this event to continue supporting the lead generating efforts of both our users AND our community as a whole.

I’m not Social Sonic user yet. Why would I come to this event?

Just to clarify… if you’re a business owner who isn’t a Social Sonic user: THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU TOO!

Any lessons you learn from Social Sonic demos and cases studies can be transferred to your social media as well.

Plus, we’re going to be reviewing lead generation strategies from all angles -- not just Social Sonic, not just social media, not even just online.

Why is this event so important?

If you’re like most business owners, you probably focus the majority of your time drumming up new business.

But here’s the thing… there just aren’t enough hours in a day for your entire lead gen strategy to rest on your shoulders.

Before long, that responsibility will leave you overworked, exhausted, and overwhelmed. See if you can relate to any of these...

  • You are experiencing slow and/or plateauing business growth.
  • You are experiencing inconsistent cash flow, which makes revenue projections impossible.
  • Your advertising expenses (almost) exceed your revenue.
  • All your time is spent chasing down sales and you’re still barely keeping afloat.

If you can relate to any of these… it’s time to make a change. It’s time to rethink your process for pulling in new business and stop leaving time, money, and opportunity on the table.

What if I’m already doing a pretty good job of generating leads?

I hear that a lot. And if you don’t identify with any of those struggles in the list above, you’re probably right. But…

Social Sonic LIVE! isn’t just about learning how to generate new leads…

It’s about learning how to generate new leads BETTER.

There’s always room for improvement. And improving your lead gen system is probably the highest leverage upgrade you can possibly make for your business.

How will this event change my life… really?

Lead generation is truly the cornerstone of business success. Which means you are just 3 days away from:

  • Financial Independence…
  • More Time Freedom…
  • Providing For Your Loved Ones
  • Building Your Dream Business…
  • Serving More People…
  • Quitting Your Job…(If you have one)
  • Changing The World…

But don’t take it from us… hear what other business owners have to say about our events...



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Social Sonic LIVE!

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